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Lookup bans by player name

Discussion in 'Website' started by gamingbysam, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. gamingbysam

    gamingbysam Registered User

    Today one of my senior moderators was unable to connect to my server because his reputation was too low. I had no way of finding out what he did so that I could talk to him about it. I would like to suggest an addition of a "Ban list" on the mc bans website. You would be able to enter the players name and see all of their previous bans and if they were banned for an unfair reason you could still allow them on your server. This would also help keep invalid global ban reasons under control with the community checking on itself. It would also help server owners keep legitimate people on their server.

    Thank you,
    Sam Gardner

  2. Douglas

    Douglas Staff Member MCBans Staff

    You can either do this by using the following command in game:
    /lookup <player>

    Or, by visiting MCBans.com/player/<player>

    Thank You.
  3. gamingbysam

    gamingbysam Registered User

  4. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    Still, why so cryptic? I have used the website url method for a while now.. I'm not sure what is so hard about installing a searchbar.
  5. Firestar

    Firestar Staff Member Administration

    how is a url cryptic?

    and there is a box on the main page to search.
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  6. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    the url is cryptic because you have to come to the forums or "see the patern" to find out you can use it that way. If there was a searchbar on the main page this whole time, then why wasn't that mentioned in the face of this question? I wasnt able to find it a few months back, and the only answer I ever got from others that have used this site, (outside of these forums), was to use the url method. Sorry but your site is not very strait forward.
    Edit: PS every time I have come here to look up a ban in the past, I go to the ban section, to look up bans. There is no search option there. Not only that, your search bar is in a Box called "Disputing a Ban?" If that is not what someone is trying to do, why would that seem like a good place to find a search bar for banned players? (unless of coarse you have all the time in the world and want to read every word on the front page.)
  7. KrisKleer

    KrisKleer Staff Member MCBans Staff

    The main function of the site isn't for everyone who visits to just check through random usernames to see their ban histories, but rather to give you a center for which information regarding the plugin and servers is available, and a place where you can dispute your bans.
    To that end, it is entirely effective. Out of the people I know who've used this site, all were able to find out how to check usernames and ban records effectively.

    Generally speaking, if you're using this site for ban information, you'll be using the dashboard, which has any search function you'd need.
    Also, even if it can be argued that it's difficult to figure out how to look up a specific username's ban record via the site, you can get all the information you need using the in-game command. I don't know about other servers, but among the staff with which I'm familiar, /lookup is a very basic command, and the obvious resource when we want to know a player's ban history.
  8. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    Makes sense, but wheres the dashboard? I see no link or box saying "Dashboard" anywhere on the main page. So once again, I find it difficult to find something that seems like it would be priority. Mind you, I'm not some idiot who just learned to use the internet. I'm not trying to sound rude but someone has got to agree with me that there are alot of places on the internet that make more sense than the way this website is set up. The plugin is excellent and the global ban system is nice, so thank you MCbans, but the website could use a bit of a "user-friendly" overhaul.
  9. SemiSalad

    SemiSalad Registered User

    When you log in it automatically sends you to your account overview and there would be a option on the side of the page "My Bans". There is also a box on the home page where you can type your name in and press enter and it'll show up how many bans you've issued and how many bans you've received. And about it being user friendly um I can see the box every time when I get onto mcbans.
  10. Hawkeyezd

    Hawkeyezd Registered User

    It's a user friendly site, just takes a while to get used to. Having a search bar could lead to abuse, e.g searching 10000 times a second causing the system to search 1000's of bans 10000 times, crashing the system. Minecraft multiplayer is a hard thing to get used to, it's very different from single player. Everything has to be complicated to achieve a professional result.
  11. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    When I go to My Bans, it doesnt show me anyone I've banned, granted its only one person, and I'm trying to figure out why it wont take the proof. I've verified my MC username, so the one person I've banned so far, according to what you said, should show up right? maybe thats why when i click upload, the page just refreshes insted of saying if it uploaded or not.
    Also, your right, I did not think the "my account" button would take me to the dashboard, and once I was logged in for the first time and went to the main page, I didn't see it anymore, and I stay logged in.
  12. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    It would be nice if people put this much effort into helping with the problem in my only thread on this forum as here, trying to make it sound like this site is easy to use.
    10000 searches? isnt that why almost every forum I've ever used has a 30 sec wait time between searches? Also, wasn't it also clearly stated here a couple times that there is a search bar? Also, "taking a while to get used to" implies its not easy to figure out. Not to mention here we have another site where, I have to have one account to use the main page, one account to use the forum, and yet another to use the ticket system.
  13. KrisKleer

    KrisKleer Staff Member MCBans Staff

    The "my bans" tab is for seeing servers from which you are banned, not bans that you have issued.
    The dashboard is available to server owners and specified server staff, as it is a tool to manage staff and players.

    Any site will inevitably be a bit difficult to use at first. Perhaps it will help you to get the hang of the MCbans website if you keep in mind that the site exists primarily as a dispute system that players and staff can use to interact with one another, not a library of ban information accessible to everyone.

    Server owners can easily use it to manage their players and appeals, and players can easily use it to dispute bans and view their own ban record.
  14. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    What is the easiest way to get to a list of players I have banned as a server administrator if not from the "account overview" section (which i thought someone basically described as the "dashboard")?
  15. SemiSalad

    SemiSalad Registered User

    Your question has been answered.
  16. KrisKleer

    KrisKleer Staff Member MCBans Staff

    As SemiSalad pointed out, your question was already answered by Douglas. When you look up your own player name using the provided URL or the box on the front page, you will see a "bans issued" tab which will list the players you have banned.

    The account overview and the sever dashboard are two different things. If you register/own a server, you will find a dashboard for that server. Server owners can also give their staff members access to the server's dashboard. Unless you own a server or are helping with specific aspects of the management of a server, you don't need to worry about the dashboard.
  17. EmpiricalDepth

    EmpiricalDepth Registered User

    When I asked where the dashboard was, I was told about account overview... The URL answer was refering to looking up where and why you have been banned. Noone said it worked both ways, which I figured out on my own. so telling me the URL was the "easiest" way to look up who "I" have banned wasnt answered before, as out of the few ways there are, I wanted an opinion about which was the EASIEST. Thank you for your help guys, there is no reason to be smart asses, especially when your wrong. As that quoted question as is, was not answered.
  18. SemiSalad

    SemiSalad Registered User

    We were only trying to help.
  19. KrisKleer

    KrisKleer Staff Member MCBans Staff

    Perhaps I shouldn't be replying to this, but oh well. Please note that I'm not trying to be condescending.

    If you reread the posts above, you'll notice that no one's comments were designed to insult or mock you. Disagreeing with you is not the same thing as being a "smart ass," and the fact that we had better luck than you did when we were initially figuring out how to use the site does not make us "wrong."

    We all have a common goal here, so there's no reason to be defensive when no one is attacking you.
    If you need help with an aspect of the site, we're here to give you insight. Our intentions are no more malicious than that.

    I'm hoping you're now able to find anything you need.
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  20. SemiSalad

    SemiSalad Registered User

    But if I offended you I'm dearly sorry, and I hope that we helped you.

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