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NOTICE Misconceptions Regarding MCBans

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Firestar, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Firestar

    Firestar Staff Member Administration

    I would like to take the time to address the many many misconceptions regarding MCBans, its service and the people behind it.

    What is the difference between a Global Ban and a Local Ban

    Global bans are the shared bans, those ones can be seen by everyone. Global bans also affect your players reputation. The player starts off with 10 reputation, which means they are 100% ok. But if they get a global ban from a server with 2.2 reputation they will have 7.8 reputation.

    A Local ban is a non public ban that is just for that server. MCBans acts as a database, but does not share the local data unless either the server wants to, or other servers enable seeing local bans. MCBans therefore does not enforce any rules on these bans. They do not affect anything other than you being banned on that server.

    "I can be globally banned for any reason at all"

    If the ban is a global, then it has to adhere to the global banning rules, any violations means the SERVER loses reputation, with enough bad bans the server is removed from MCBans. If you have been banned with a silly reason like "I don't like you" as a global ban then you can dispute the ban, in fact we encourage you to do so!

    "I have 0 reputation because I was banned from mcbans.com for being an alt account"
    We occasionally will receive lists from trusted members of the community of accounts that have been compromised, if you have been banned and were on that list, open a support ticket at support.mcbans.com. We are willing to help you with whatever problems you may have.

    "MCBans Is MCAdmin?" nope.

    "If I get 1 ban I am banned from all servers"
    Nope, you are deducted reputation points, the only server that CAN do 1 ban perma bans is mcbans.com. MCBans.com only bans when an account is compromised, part of a griefing team, or is a known griefer.

    "The more public bans you do that don't get disputed the higher your reputation (also in combo with unique player count)"
    Servers only gain reputation when they submit ban proof, or have someone dispute a ban and the server win the dispute.

    "MCBans has autokicks from the server"
    Nope. MCBans plugin does not auto kick anyone.

    If you have any other further questions regarding MCBans or its policies please ask below!
  2. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    How come the bans NEVER EVER EVER expire and why are second chances a foreign concept to you people???
  3. Firestar

    Firestar Staff Member Administration

    second chances is why there is a reputation system, you are not perma banned after only 1 global ban.

    Bans do expire if the server goes innactive.
  4. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    But mine was on one of the largest servers around. No inactivity any time soon.
  5. NightWolfzd

    NightWolfzd Registered User

    Well sorry to sound like a brat but that's just bad luck.
  6. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    No worries that's perfectly fine.
  7. Hawkeyezd

    Hawkeyezd Registered User

    You could try appealing on their website? ;)
  8. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    Unfortunately, that is no longer an option for me.
  9. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    But hey thanks for trying to help :)
  10. Hawkeyezd

    Hawkeyezd Registered User

    <3 No problem matey :) If they don't let you appeal band they must be quite a bad server :c
    SuperPyroManiac likes this.
  11. invincible64

    invincible64 Registered User

    Yep, large servers these days.
  12. CreeperHugger

    CreeperHugger Banned

    They don't give a shit if one player is banned.
    I don't even think beastsmc cares that both of their servers have issued 65,000 bans.
    And towncraft issued about 30,000
  13. ViscousSummer88

    ViscousSummer88 Registered User

    If all their bans are valid, what's the issue?
    It's just how things work, the more traffic the more bans, unless their are no rules, in which case, why run MCBans?
  14. NightWolfzd

    NightWolfzd Registered User

    What would you suggest to reduce bans?
    I can assure you that most people who owns a server will ban people violating server rules.
    And you can see in previous posts/threads that SuperPyroManiac does care about how many people they're banning.
    Banning people is actually a bad thing for the server it means less people can play on the server.

    All so very true.
  15. Hawkeyezd

    Hawkeyezd Registered User

    BeastsMC runs one of the only standing flatworld open creative servers. With 120 slots, they're going to get a lot of griefers.
  16. KrisKleer

    KrisKleer Staff Member MCBans Staff

    Thank you for defending BeastsMC and Towncraft, guys. CreeperHugger's minecraft username has alternate accounts that are banned on both, hence his will to be critical.

    Indeed, there is nothing wrong with large servers so long as they are run responsibly.
  17. phasedenergy

    phasedenergy Registered User

    why do people get themselves banned then whine about it?...must be facets of the same personality type.
  18. NightWolfzd

    NightWolfzd Registered User

    Some people aren't aware of MCBans. They get banned and connect to another server with MCBans Installed and then boom ban shows up.
  19. jacieleavell

    jacieleavell Registered User

    I have a question that is not necessarily related to this subject. My server has about 4400 Unique players, yet I have over 11,000 bans, how is this possible? Is it because I imported from the banned.txt file a couple of times and if so, my goal was not to make people have more then one ban, as I have seen our name come up on a /lup. Please help remedy this, as it looks as if we are big bad banners.. Not true at all. We have a few simple rules to follow and as Nightwolfzd can tell you I am way too forgiving, and if someone seems to have humility and are sorry for what they did, they usually get a second chance :) Thanks for listening.
  20. MichelleSophia

    MichelleSophia Staff Member MCBans Staff

    Yes, looks like you brought over many imported bans. Most of which or almost all of which are local bans. I looked to see as an example one of your local imported bans. and yes, they have been banned 6 times from your server. I have no idea about the technical side of things, so, hopefully someone will answer there. But, from the dispute and ban side. The local bans don't count against the player's rep. So, that's not a problem. I would open a support ticket http://support.mcbans.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit and see how to get those multi bans fixed. I wouldn't worry about seeming like a big bad banner. Beastmc probably has the most bans on record, yet is the most busy server we have.

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