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    Exception in thread "Thread-24"

    I'm testing the plugin, attempting to ban my test account and I get the following error in the console: 23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO {admin} issued server command: /ban {testaccount} 23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO target: {testaccount} 23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO targetUUID: 23.06 23:30:57...
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    Command usage

    Thanks a bunch for the response! Very helpful! :D Works like a charm!
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    Command usage

    OK what am I doing wrong here! So I'm in game, typing "/banlookup {playername}" and keep getting "[MCBans] Incorrect parameters!" error message. There is no help context for the command or any others. Is there a some place that shows all the commands and their usage? The wiki on commands is...