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  1. Firestar

    Releases MCBans 5.1.0

    Since the new API was introduced in version 5.0, there was some need for some spring cleaning. This is a bug fix, and also introduces asymmetric encryption between minecraft server and API. The future release features can be found in 5.0 release thread. Removed Inventory sharing, ( will return...
  2. Firestar

    cant download mcbans
  3. Firestar

    Releases MCBans 5.0

    MCBans 5.0 After 11 years of operating, another release is required to ensure stability and speed required for a banning plugin. MCBans 5.0 is a complete rewrite for the API. This rewrite should drastically improve the service that MCBans provides. Additional features have been added and a...
  4. Firestar

    Bans via command not working

    /tempban (friend's IGN) 1[needs a space]d testing123
  5. Firestar

    Development Developer Tool (isPremium)

    IS PREMIUM? Is a player name a valid purchased account name? This was a simple check, and then removed this HTTP check. MCBans had a recent issue with the removal of this quick check, so we have created a similar tool that just returns a [1 - true] [0 - false]. This tool is open...
  6. Firestar


    Yes, the API is open, there are not any docs explaining the API but you can find the rest calls in the plugins source code.