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    mugensluneth's minigames server

    Disabling "mugensluneth's minigames server" Reason: Not a real server/fake server address's%20minigames%20server
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    Disabling ElixirMC Reason: Not a real server/fake server address
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    Disabling Minigame_Park Reason: Not a real server/fake server address
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    Thoughts on Server Ban Appeals

    This thread is directly regarding this forum and appealing bans from the MCBan's Official Minecraft server. As for my feedback: Private Appeals Forum First off, I personally think the forum should be made private. (IE. players can only see the thread they've made) I find it really...
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    Site search options

    Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to start this discussion, I appreciate player feedback and enjoy reading these types of threads! As for your idea, I don't see why we shouldn't have a search option to quickly search for players to view reputation, and other information about their bans...