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  1. TM99

    User exception configuration?

    Ohh, okay. I didn't see it at first. Thanks! xD :D
  2. TM99

    User exception configuration?

    It's absolutely fine :) of course there can be ways suggestions can be built on but I think I have my answer for now. Thanks!
  3. TM99


    Bans can be checked with /blup [Ban ID] to see who was banned, why they were banned, when they were banned and who banned them. However if a ban wants to be checked with the person who banned them, that'd be a good idea too but should only be for Global bans. I like it!
  4. TM99

    User exception configuration?

    Hi there, I've been using MCBans for over a year and a half and since some people have asked me about this, I thought I'd make a small suggestion for the plugin. Is it possible for a server that runs MCBans to have a "User exception" config which allows certain users with rep below the...