5pectator - Translator Application

1. What is your Minecraft username? My Username is 5pectator, I cange it quiet often, So I will tell you when I change my In-Game-Name again

2. What is your Discord username? 5pectator#7152
3. How old are you? 14

4. What is your native language? Korean

5. What other languages do you speak, and how proficient are you in each? I can speak Korean and English, I can speak/type Korean well, But I dont kno wabout English, I think I am decent.

6. In which timezone are you located? KST - Korea Standard Timezone

7. At what times would you generally be available on Discord? Most likely Weekends, But When I am in vacation, I can join and talk almost everyday.

8. Why would you like to be a translator for MCBans? I have always wanted to become one of the translator here, And I tried writing app to other servers and stufs, I think this MCBans fits me the best, So I wanted to apply to here

9. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? I am Korean and pretty young

The next questions are optional, as they are not crucial to the translator position, but you may answer them if you would like to.

10. How long have you been playing minecraft? I have played for 3-4 years

11. How long have you been a part of the MCbans community? Not really long, Just a bit though.

12. How much experience do you have with server administration? I am currently a Moderator in a Skyblock server, I dont know if that counts, But I have experiences. I have worked in 3 servers before this server, But all of them is all down for unknown reason.

13. How much experience do you have with using the MCBans plugin in-game? I do not own a server, SO I dont have any experiences, Sorry

14. How much experience do you have with the MCBans rules, guidelines, and disputes? none