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    Aug 7, 2016
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    • Minecraft Username? Thegamingarchway
    • Age? 18
    • What languages do you speak or understand? English, Spanish, and some Russian
    • Any previous server bans? N/A
    • Why do you want to be server staff? I enjoy helping others. I have always enjoyed the experience of helping others and pushing them through tough times. I am one of those people that like having a relationship with people.
    • How long have you played Minecraft? About 4 5 year
    • Do you have any experience with server moderation or administration?
      Past community's:
      PERP Heads - Perp Player (Left)
      GSC - Community Global Superadmin (Left)
      LSES - Community Owner (Shutdown)
      Creepercraft - Co-Owner (Left)
      Hellzone - PERP Admin / Minecraft DVL (Left)
      Voltage Gaming - Minecraft DVL (Left)
      Pulsar Effect - Minecraft DVL (Left)
      Forbidden Oblivion - Co Owner (Left)
      3FX - Server Manager (Left)
      Slickback / Nordic Gaming - Community Co-Founder (Shutdown)
      3FX / Triflux Gaming - ZombieRP Developer (Left)
      Independence RP - Dispatch Coordinator / Media Relations (Left)
      3FX / Triflux Gaming - Unturned Developer (Server Shutdown)
      Gryphon Gaming - Owner (Shutdown)
      ConSecGroup - (Retired)
      GridShinima Gaming - Owner (Shutdown after 1.5 years)

    • Timezone? GMT -4:00 h
    • Do you have Discord? Yes
    • Are you on the MCBans Discord server? Yes
    • Discord username? Archway
    • Anything else you would like to tell us? I run a hosting company

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