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Dear Moderators and admins of and there services my name is Dhr Ender Ossel i am a CO CEO at a Microsoft CSP Internet Provider i have been falsely banned by a MCBans's Administrator from both the site,forums and all servers using the bukkit plugin i am willing to explain why i banned those EULA Breaking Players but thas not why i am here i am here for my apeal i am ready to talk to Microsoft about this accident to i find it disgusting u guys ban people globally for banning racists who also dox people(At least TheMentor Did that) i am not taking this easy eather i get unbanned or i take it to Microsoft themself i am NOT trying to spread hate,anger or beeing a douche if u dont compley with unbanning i will attempt to take legal actions and/or blacklist ALL servers using this addon and dont try to foul me with "Ur not a Microsoft Partner those have capes" nonses since where normaley not focussing on Mincraft and/or Mojang services but more on Cloud Services but we can talk to the Minecraft deprartmend easly for inforamation heres my info:
Name: Ender Ossel
Age: 19-20
Personal Site:
Companey Site:
Phone: may be requested via email
btw sorry for the spelling errors i am horrable at english and also i culdnt edit my post so heres my story wirtten diffrendly:
i used to be a diffrend person with a horrable past that still haunt me now i am working for a MS CSP Partnered Companey as CO-CEO(Since i am closly related to the owner) the part about the blacklist is actualy invalid dont worry


Former MCBans Staff
Hi @Eaccon1986,

I am not removing your permaban.
Here are my exact reasoning(s) behind this decision:
  • You created multiple servers falsely banning players causing damage to their player reputation. This is not allowed on the MCBans plugin or its service.
  • You made a claim that we are breaking the Mojang EULA. We are not.
  • You made legal threats against us, as well as threatening to do harm to the plugin.
  • MCBans is an optional Minecraft plugin server owners can choose to install on their server(s) via Spigot or Bukkit. We don't force them to do so, and even if they choose to install it then we have very strict guidelines on global banning.
The only reason I am replying to this here instead of referring you to our support desk are because of your threats. Because of your legal threats, I will not be responding to you any further unless I receive a legal cease and desist from a lawyer which I will then take further myself or a civil summons to court.

Please refer to the following:
MCBans Terms of Service:
MCBans Law Enforcement Policy:
Mojang EULA:

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