Ban Appeal / Server removal


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Hello, MY in game name is Joshc2k13 And about a couple years ago I was banned for griefing on c(dot)beastsmc(dot)com But to my knowledge, I have never been on this server. And I would never grief. I believe that this server should also be removed because they have banned over 60 thousand people and that's not right. I am now making this application Because I am getting fed up of being banned on other servers for hacking because of this reason.


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Hi there!

The BeastsMC servers are some of the oldest servers on the system. I've personally seen their ban appeals, and they've yet to ever issue an invalid global ban. Just because a server bans a lot of players, that does not make them automatically abusive. If you honestly believe that you've never joined the server, it might be a good idea to change your Minecraft password to ensure that you are the only person who has access to your account.

Anyway, BeastsMC has a new website where you can appeal this ban. Since it's older than 60 days, it cannot be disputed through us (MCBans).

Best of luck!