Ban appeal

Hi, i would like to appeal a ban from 2011 for griefing on (which i think is no longer active)

And i will admit i was griefing, but i was 11 at the time and immature, that and the ban is like 6 years old, i don't care if it's removed or not just thought i could try, also not sure if my account is associated with my MCBans account so in case it isn't, the name i was banned under is natebacon63 Changed to Houstatron.

Thanks for your time =)

(Also sorry if this is wrong forum to post this on)


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As the server has hit a reputation of 0 it has been disabled. Therefor the global ban on your account has been removed automatically due to the server's disabling ( Also for future references it'd be more suited to file a support ticket rather than on the forums.

Thank you.