Ban Appeal

IGN: DeadSareh
Server banned on: McBans..
Reason for ban: Griefing? I guess.
Explaining: I was baby sitting awhile ago like a few years ago and I let them play mc and I said they can go on anyserver.. then choose McBans.. and started to break blocks they could.. it was a part of spawn or something, I don't know. but apparently, they got me banned. I still haven't made a ban appeal till now because I have this feeling that no one would believe me.
P.s: I'm... so... sorry..


Customer Service Specialist
Staff member
Hello DeadSareh,

As Bluecheese911 is no longer active nor apart of the MCBans Server Team I'll be handling this dispute in his place. Due to the ban being 4 years old we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and the ban will be removed.

Thank you.