Bungee Install


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Hi there,

To setup MCBans with BungeeCord, just install MCBans on every Spigot/Bukkit server and use the same API key for each. All of your bans will sync through all of the servers which have the plugin installed.

Syncing isn't always immediate, unfortunately, but I believe better BungeeCord support is currently being developed.

Best of luck!
How would it be set up panel side then as with bungee all the other servers have to be in offline mode while the bungee is in online mode.
i noticed there been references to mcbans bungee proxy in other threads but there is no download for mcbans bungee proxy


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@adamwbb We're currently working on a complete fix for Bungeecord integration, but MCBans runs fine with just MCBans.jar installed to each server you want MCBans running on. Just make sure you tick ip_forward in your Bungeecord configuration.