CedarCraft Ban Appeal:

As of Thursday, March 8th I got banned off of the Cedar Craft servers. I was banned for grieving and stealing from a guild even though, Miss_destiny said my friend EternalBow was welcome to anything, so naturally we took what we found interesting and of use out of the PUBLIC chests. As for the griefing, I do apologize for the minor amount we did. We thought it was humorous at the time, but I do see my wrong doing in the act.

I realize I am not entitled to a second chance, but I am asking that you please give me one.

I would be more than happy to return all taken items upon returning to the server, and offer my sincerest apology to those I took them from.

Truly, Klay13


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Hello Klay13,

We don't interfere with servers bans unless they're in violation to our global ban rules and for which we don't have jurisdiction as to who they ban (only if it complies with the global ban rules). Therefor you must appeal here http://cedarcraft.org/index.php/forums/ on the servers website.
For more questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you :)