Change in Management Operations


Formerly Plugin/Service Management
Hello everyone,

I wanted to loop you all in on a change in management operations that occurred a few months back here to clear up some lingering confusion. I am no longer part of MCBans management or operations. I resigned from my positions here at the beginning of the year.

Questions about development should, as always, be directed to Firestar; staffing, bans, and disputes to KrisKleer; and administration (including those questions that would have been directed to me in past, such as governance, administration, strategy, and flags for compliance matters) to either KrisKleer or Corpdraco.

On a formal governance side of things, the management board and committees now consist of KrisKleer, Corpdraco, and Firestar, and that board will need to elect a chair at its next meeting. However, it is my understanding that the organization will be restructuring at the next meeting anyway to better reflect the realities of the direction of this service, its staffing, and its management as they stand now.

Thank you for being a wonderful community for the last eight years, and I wish you all nothing but the best.

Matt M.