Command usage

OK what am I doing wrong here!

So I'm in game, typing "/banlookup {playername}" and keep getting "[MCBans] Incorrect parameters!" error message.

There is no help context for the command or any others. Is there a some place that shows all the commands and their usage? The wiki on commands is good but lacks (detailed) example usage, parameter type, etc.


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Hi there!

When using the "/banlookup" command, you must include the ban ID for the ban you're looking up as opposed to the player's username. This way, the plugin knows precisely which you wish to lookup, since players may have more than one ban on record.

To find a ban ID, you'll first need to use /lookup <playername>. If the player has a ban on record, it will be accompanied by a ban ID.
In this screenshot, I've circled the ban IDs in an example lookup command.

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