Edit to the global ban rules - Nazi symbols


Director, Service Operations
Staff member
Hi everyone!

This is an announcement to let you all know that there has been a minor edit to the global ban rules regarding Nazi symbols (swastikas).

They are still valid for issuing global bans, but only if placed maliciously, with the intent to vandalize or harass.

We made this edit because there are people who place the pattern by mistake, not realizing what it is, place it without realizing how taboo it is to others, or do so in a cultural/historical context without meaning offense.

So, for example, someone spamming swastikas around someone else's build, or purposefully building one somewhere to generate as much offense as possible, can still be globally banned.
Someone who has built a replica of a historical battleship, including the Nazi flag, cannot be globally banned.
Someone who has unknowingly built a swastika pattern into a build cannot be globally banned.

As always, you are free to ban locally for any reason you choose. You can allow or disallow them on your server as you see fit, but please use discretion if choosing to issue global bans.

In dispute situations, if the intent is too ambiguous to discern, the dispute will be settled with a "soft local," meaning that the ban will be localized, but without penalty to the server.

Happy mining, everyone!