me and klay13 were banned for helping Miss_destiny out with her base, we did not grief and yet we got banned by taki_oni, reason, griefing....

i was apart of miss_destinys "guild" called "the sugar rush" guild i had a room and we got griefed so i moved in with klay13 and we tried to fix some things up but it didnt go so well since the lava spilled everywhere

i doubt we'll get unbanned cus y'all strict and we did nothing, but please unban us!

-sincerly, EternalBow & klay13


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Hello EternalBow,

We don't interfere with servers bans unless they're in violation to our global ban rules and for which we don't have jurisdiction as to who they ban (only if it complies with the global ban rules). Therefor you must appeal here on the servers website.
For more questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you :)