Exception in thread "Thread-24"

I'm testing the plugin, attempting to ban my test account and I get the following error in the console:

23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO {admin} issued server command: /ban {testaccount}
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO target: {testaccount}
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] INFO targetUUID:
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN Exception in thread "Thread-24"
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.OfflinePlayer.setBanned(Z)V 23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN at com.mcbans.firestar.mcbans.request.Ban.bukkitBan(Ban.java:437)
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN at com.mcbans.firestar.mcbans.request.Ban.localBan(Ban.java:219)
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN at com.mcbans.firestar.mcbans.request.Ban.run(Ban.java:140)
23.06 23:30:57 [Server] WARN at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

No matter what ban type I try, its the same message. I did notice the "targetUUID" is always blank. I thought it was communication related, but ping and sync work just fine. As do lookups.

Any idea what could cause this?


Customer Service Specialist
Hi there,

I tried joining your server to help troubleshoot, but I can't seem to find the IP associated with your username "emilyMCserver."

Anyway, from the looks of this, I'd make sure you're running the latest version, depending on which Spigot/Bukkit version you're on. If you're using Spigot 1.12, you should be using MCBans v4.4.3. You can download the newest version here: https://get.mcbans.com/4.4.3/MCBans.jar

Also, please make sure that you are using Spigot/Bukkit version 1.8.3 or later.

Reply back if the issue is persisting.

Best of luck,