Got banned.. why because the Owner hate Server owners

I didn't grief that server, BUT the Owner of the server put a kill clock command on MY server. [I'm not sure, but it's the blue or the green command block] He did it, because he would like to have a better server than mine... -_-

By the way, it took me 4 hours to remove the command block..

He did it 3 times! 2 times with his main account Risa_a and 1 time with his sub account Risa_b.... Guys, do you think that's a normal BAN? My opinion is that the Owner is jealous, because he's an amateur^^; There's is 1 weird thing... I helped him on his server [before he did a mess on my server]. I helpd him with lobby, pex and few plugins and at once he started to grief my server and BAN me on MY server?! What's wrong with him?!

By the way, my friend HnxServer is the Owner of a famous japanese server at [between 5th and 15th place] and Risa_a / Risa_b copied that server just look the server description <- original
AND <- fake

and when I was on the server he said, that he's going to copy HnxServer. It means all world from HnxServer.
Can he do anything to protect his server?!


Have a nice wekend^^


Customer Service Specialist
Hi there,

This forum topic is meant only for ban appeals from the official MCBans server. Since this ban was not issued from that server, you will have to appeal it through the server's website of which you were banned or through, if the ban is less than 60 days old.

Best of luck!