Development Latest Developments and Fixes


Former MCBans Staff
Hi everyone,

Firstly, we are all very proud to announce we have officially registered MCBans as a non-profit business.
  • Further optimizations have been performed to our web server, PHP service, and database servers. All users should see extremely fast load times to the MCBans website. At last check, it's under 1 second load time. Bungeecord benefits extremely well from these optimizations.
  • We are now at a sustained 100% uptime on all of MCBans services.
  • Ads will be placed back on the main MCBans page to help pay for our servers and development costs. Donator/premium members will not be able to see these ads.
  • Several grammar errors have been corrected throughout the MCBans website.
  • has been migrated to a new box to take load off of the main server.
  • More to come very soon! List is incomplete.
Thank you all, and happy mining!