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MCBans 5.0

After 11 years of operating, another release is required to ensure stability and speed required for a banning plugin. MCBans 5.0 is a complete rewrite for the API. This rewrite should drastically improve the service that MCBans provides. Additional features have been added and a couple of features are still under redevelopment. Alternate player account lookup is currently under construction but once testing is complete this will be released ( projected 1 month ). Below is a changelog of all the modifications and additions.
  • Offline Ban List
    • This was created to keep your servers bans in sync with MCBans API/Site.
    • This list will also re-sync with MCBans with your server bans while MCBans is in maintenance. ( expect this to be infrequent to non existent. )
    • This will store temporary, global and local bans. If MCBans is offline it will default back to your offline ban list.
    • Unbans from the site will also unban on your minecraft server after at most 30 seconds.
    • Bans are stored by player UUID.
  • MCBans export download
    • Running "/mcbans download" will download a banned-players.json that is compatible with default minecraft.
  • IP Bans
    • You can now ban ip ranges like or
  • Temporary bans command now utilizes tab complete.
  • Groups
    • Servers in a group that share global/local/temporary bans now properly follows the groups settings.
    • Servers in a group can share player inventories.
      • Player inventories synced at player quit.
      • All player based inventories stored on MCBans backend
      • 1643560139490.png
  • Complete backend rewrite
    • MCBans API ( has been deprecated.
  • Server statistics ( Currently building out )
    • System now accurately shows if a server is online, regardless of player joins.
    • System reputation decay will start again in March 2022.
    • Make sure your server is using MCBans 5.0 otherwise reputation will be lost.

Current Build: 5.0.5

Next Build: 5.0.6
  • Alternative accounts on login and command /alt /altlookup /alup
  • Player name history using /nlup /namelookup
  • Potential bug fixes.
Future Builds:
  • 5.2
    • Group Management UI Improvements
    • Group Sharing Additions
      • Health / Hunger
      • Experience
      • Achievements
  • 5.3
    • Clickable text.
      • When a player logs in, clickable ban ID to give details
      • Player lookups clickable text to show details on individual bans
  • 5.4 ( Addon Plugin MCPlug )
    • Control Panel ( )
      • Edit configurations
    • Plugin Installation
    • Wrapper Application ( wrapper for minecraft server for restarts/starts/stops remotely )
    • More to come.
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