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Hey, I recently have become a well-known player on Hypixel and i tried to Apply for staff which i was more than likely going to get but after they researched my account they came across a ban on a server from 2016 that i had no idea about and it was the only thing stopping me from receiving a staff rank on Hypixel because they require my account to have a clean record.

I was going to make a support ticket on your forums but it is broken and not working.

I humbly ask that the ban is removed from my account as the server that i was banned on does not exist.

the IGN i received the ban on was Corbss with a UUID of: 09da30ccc25f4b668f9b6cafcb038f82 i cant dispute it or get rid of it from the server i was banned on as it does not exist. please help me resolve this somehow. Thankyou

The ban id is 5559738


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Hi Corbss,

Sorry for the delay in responding.
I have investigated the ban in question and found that the server had negative reputation due to inactivity.
As a result, the server has been disabled and the global ban against you will no longer appear on your record.