NOTICE MCBans Meeting 1/28/2017


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Hi everyone,

MCBans held its monthly meeting yesterday at 8:00 PM CST and would like to let the userbase in on the decisions made.

  • A proof/ban approval system for servers is on the to-do list for the website. This system will be very similar to the dispute system and servers will be randomly selected and required to provide proof on a particular global ban. This is to cut down on abuse and bring a balance back.
  • A website theme has been decided upon by the staff without objection. More details later. We can't spoil the surprise.
  • After a very tough vote, the staff have decided to set the invalid ban counter visible on the server detail page to slowly degrade AFTER 4.5 months from your last invalid ban. This feature will finally possibly be implemented later today or tomorrow.
  • The terms of service have been updated, and reworded for clarity. Within the next couple week, the global ban rules will also be reworded to better fit the structure of the terms of service.e
  • The global ban rule on "Spambot" was discussed. We have voted and decided NOT to remove the global ban reason.
  • The potential addition of transphobia and sexism to the global ban rules was discussed and the staff decided NOT to add them as global ban reasons at this time, as they are too difficult to definitively proof in a dispute setting.
  • Global bans issued based on cheat detection plugins were discussed. At this time, we have decided to "table" the vote and keep this as a VALID global ban reason. However, it will be discussed at our next meeting and may be modified afterwards.
  • It was discussed by all staff and determined that anyone that would like to apply for SMCB ( staff will have to apply on the forums, all MCBans staff would then vote, and then MCBans Staff Manager Kriskleer will have to finalize the approval if MCBans staff agree. Applications are not yet open, but they will be opening soon. An announcement will be made when applications are open.
  • Potential developers willing to help the MCBans project will report directly to Firestarthe if we decide to bring additional developers on the team.
  • The Discord server was agreed on formally by the staff. See my previous announcement if you wish to join. We like to communicate with everyone and you will catch some of us in public voice chat.
  • A note will be added on server dashboard settings for showing local bans on lookup. The note will include a reminder that local bans are not necessarily a reliable indicator of guilt.
  • Terms of Service agreeance has been added on the forums. An agreement will also be required soon for new user account signups.
  • Bungeecord will be set up on in order for banned players to join and verify their accounts if they are banned from the actual server itself. Banned players will only be allowed in the lobby and will not be able to access the survival server via portal.

Global Ban Rules
Terms of Service

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Just a quick note: I've made a few minor corrections to Draco's above post.

Happy mining, everyone!
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