NOTICE Meeting Summary for 4/07/2017


Director, Service Operations
Staff member
Hello everyone!

In our meeting tonight, we have made a few changes to the global ban rules. Here is a summary of said changes:

Proof requirements for global hacking bans have changed.

Global hacking bans now require video proof, and the video must include the offense taking place, cheat plugin notifications for the given offense, the player's username, and proof that the MCBans plugin is running on the server pictured in the video (such as running the /MCBans command on screen). Servers that cannot fulfill these requirements can still ban for hacking so long as the ban is local.
X-ray bans are the exception, with their requirements being the same as before (thorough screenshots and logs of the tunnels and blockbreaks, with video and blockbreak ratios suggested).
These rules only apply to bans issued from this day forward, with bans issued prior to today's date still being subject to the old rules (screenshot of violation level 600+).

There has been an edit to the criteria required for valid "racism" and "homophobia" global bans.

Such bans, in order to be valid for global, can now be directed at a general demographic rather than at a specific player. As always, context and malicious intent are important, and the MCBans staff will use a soft local (which localizes the ban at no penalty to the server) in cases of ambiguity.

Derp hacks, forceop hacks, and book hacks have been clarified as not valid for global bans.

We've added a clear stance on these ban reasons as invalid for global. In the case of "derphacking," because such a hack is not malicious toward the server. Book hacks and forceop hacks are either myths or cannot be proven to the degree necessary for a dispute.

It is now specified in the global ban rules that proof for chat-related racism/homophobia bans must be in English.

Because we cannot guarantee the presence of a reliable translator, chat offenses that take place in a language other than English should be banned locally only.


For more info on these guidelines, please see the full global ban rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them here or in our discord channel.

Happy Mining, everyone!