NOTICE New Staff Members and Purge of Old Bans


Director, Service Operations
Staff member
Hi everyone!

I've got two announcements tonight.
First, please welcome DaphSquid and VioletCU to the MCBans staff team!

Second, a large percentage of the permabans from the earliest days of the MCBans plugin, primarily ones issued for "alt account" related reasons, have been removed from the system. The bans were too old to still hold any relevance to current Minecraft communities, as many of them were issued based on public connections, or because of spambot networks that have since disappeared.

Bans issued by servers using the plugin are not affected - this purge was only of bans issued by MCBans staff from our permaban server.

This doesn't change much for the average minecrafter, or from a server's perspective, but players with old bans may now find that their reputation has been restored.

Happy mining, everyone!