NOTICE Official Discord Server and other announcements


Former MCBans Staff
Hi everyone!

I have several announcements to make concerning MCBans:
  • Our official Discord server is now online and available to the public. This is a communication medium available to all players and server owners to have quick and timely communication with MCBans staff. However, it is not intended for advanced support issues. The invite link is here:
  • A complete website reskin is coming soon to bring our website into the "modern" age. No ETA as of yet.
  • As some of you may have noticed, you can no longer access our main website with known proxies or VPN services. This is to cut down on abuse. If you experience issues or wish to be whitelisted put in a support ticket.
  • The main login page has been adjusted slightly to include the correct footer and centered.
  • The website has been optimized once again to respond (load) quicker. This includes the API server so server owners should see decreased time on ping and API callbacks. The database has also been tweaked slightly to allow for better performance.
  • The search box that was present on the front page of has been hidden from public view. We plan on bringing it back during our website reskin.
  • Information about the global ban rules and terms of service have been included on the register server page.
  • A new terms of service has been written and updated. The old privacy policy has been removed due to it being combined with our terms of service.
  • Many more smaller issues have been fixed, i.e. website copyrights, and performance issues.

We still have A LOT on our to-do list.
To keep more up to date and get near-instant responses -- join our Discord! :)
I'd again like to say thank you to my entire team for their extreme dedication to this project.

Thanks, and happy mining!