Old ban placed back on record?

^_^ good morning mcbans crew pardon my grammar as I've been a bit confused today as old bans from 2014 appeared back on my "my bans" page my user name is comander_genaral im not confused by the ban itself but im more confused on that particular server i had disputed on the forums and won and it was promptly removed is it possible to have it removed agin or tell me how it got put back on but i can't seem to find the old thread ._. or even the ban appeal i had made on said server -comander_genaral
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Former MCBans Staff
Hi @comander_genaral

I have looked at your old dispute and you were correct about the ban being removed by the server.
The ban dispute was also escalated to be reviewed by MCBans staff but was resolved by the server before MCBans staff had the time to review it.
With the lack of evidence in the dispute, and with the server being now inactive -- I will LOCAL your ban for now. If the server does not come back onto the MCBans system and become active again, your local ban will disappear. This is the best solution I can come up with for until the server eventually gets removed from our system due to inactivity.