Ban Appeal

Hello there,

It has come to my attention that earlier today my Minecraft account had been hacked into by an unknown party and had banned several accounts from my server using my account. The individual used grossly offensive and obscene ban reasons in order to sabotage my player base and reputation both on my server and within the mcbans community. As soon as I found out about this, I changed my password on all appropriate accounts to a much more secure and complex password to ensure security.

I humbly request an unban from mcbans. Mcbans has been an essential part of running my server smoothly and I would greatly appreciate the chance to be able to use it again. I apologize for the trouble and take full responsibility for the actions of the individual who hacked into my account.

Thank you for your time,


Customer Service Specialist (Japanese/日本語)
Staff member

(This category is for appeal for MCBans Minecraft server, not MCBans itself. Please file a support ticket next time)