NOTICE Rule Change - Time Limit on Appealing Global Bans


Director, Service Operations
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Hi everyone!

This is a quick announcement to inform you all that there has been a change to our dispute policy. The time limit during which a player can appeal a global ban is now 90 days rather than 60, and thus servers must store their proof accordingly.

Bans issued before today's date (11/15/2017) are not beholden to this change, but all bans issued from this day forward are.

As always, players who would like to appeal a global ban can do so by creating an account on our main site if they do not have one already, mousing over "my dashboard," clicking "my bans," and then clicking the dispute button next to the appropriate ban.

Happy mining!


Customer Service Specialist (Japanese/日本語)
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Japanese Translated version:


プレイヤーがグローバルBANに抗議(Appeal)できる期限が、BAN処分日より90日になりました(変更前: 60日)


グローバルBANへの抗議(解除申請)へは、 へのアカウント登録後、左上「My Dashboard」→「My Bans」をクリックし、抗議したいBANの隣にある「Dispute」ボタンを押してください。



正文は英語です/For reference ONLY
The governing language of this policy shall be English. MCBans does not guarantee that this translated policy is updated or accurate. Only the original Engllish policy shall be effective. This translated version of policy is for reference purposes only.