NOTICE Security measures and API reset


Director, Service Operations
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Hello everyone,

This message is to notify everyone that we had a security breach take place. There will be a few changes taking place just to make sure that things are secure.

Your passwords are not affected, but we recommend changing them anyway just for the sake of your general security.

The only thing that will significantly affect general users, specifically server owners, is that we will be promptly adding a feature to reset your servers’ API keys. All server owners should make use of this feature quickly after it becomes available. Until then, servers will be IP locked to prevent any issues.

We’ll be sending out an email shortly with more detailed information. The email will also be attached here when it is sent. We are also investigating further and will keep you notified of any new information we come across.

Happy mining,
MCBans staff


Director, Service Operations
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Just an update for everyone -

This attack, and our investigation of it, is ongoing. We are not the only site affected, and the breach is more recent than originally thought.

Regardless, our advice to users is the same, and the API reset tool is now available.

We still do not think passwords are affected, but would recommend changing your passwords for MCBans, the forums, and any passwords you have on, as a precaution.
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