Server report

So there is this Owner of this server named AirSocial he joins my server and says curse words about my server and he is being really rude to me. He is saying my server is a free server. So then he becomes nice to me I add him to my bungee list. We partnered servers then All of a sudden the next day everyone is sick of my behavior. He tells them I abuse them and I don't know how to treat my staff. They sadly all believe on what he says. So like 8 staff from my server move on to his. They sometimes tell me lies and trick me. He stole all my staff and banned me so many times on his server. He one time greifed my server and tricked me he said he was sorry but he wasn't so then like a week passes I got a whole set of new staff. and I ban his account and he told me to be part of a troll for his server I was like okay?. Then all of a sudden one of my good staff on my server quits because AirSocial or one of his staff convicted her to leave and she was hard working and she leaves. I ask AirSocial to stop trolling me he says on another alt I never asked you to troll? He tricked me and he keeps advertising and steeling my staff and cursing at me. It is really annoying and I don't know how to get rid of him. It is unfair I worked hard and found all these staff and he just steels them all. It is like eating food at like a second after it goes right through you. His server ip is If you need evidence let me know! They also talk behind my back. I posted it a few minutes ago but I think it was in the wrong thread.