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Dispute Stacking

What dispute stacking essentially does is that it makes servers who do not have solid proof in disputes quickly drop reputation in the system, and servers with good proof get bumped up quicker. In a system with dispute stacking, a server loses 1 dispute, -0.05 reputation like normal, he loses a second dispute, -0.1 reputation, and each further dispute lost adds -0.05 to the previous number. It caps at + or - 0.25 to prevent a server gaining or losing reputation too quickly. So if a server had lost or won 5 disputes in a row, they could gain + or - 0.25 reputation for that dispute. Why? Dispute stacking will make it easier for trusted servers to have a larger influence on a reputation score. If a server had lost 5 disputes and won 1, they gain 0.05 reputation, their loss streak ends.

Global Ban "Spot Checks"

Global Ban Spot Checks are essentially as the name implies, a random dispute will be opened on a random player who has been globally banned in the past 60 days from that server. These are handled like normal disputes and the server must provide evidence that the player committed that offense. Spot Checks are done to catch abusive servers and keep them in check. There are a lot of times when players do not dispute their ban, either because they do not know how to or are oblivious to the fact they were even banned because they were banned while offline and did not even care to rejoin the server.

Proof Stacking

Proof stacking essentially works like Dispute stacking. If implemented correctly, proof stacking will encourage servers to submit more and higher quality proof. Essentially, for the first piece of proof you submit for your ban, you will gain the standard 0.005 reputation, but for each additional piece of evidence you add to that ban, you gain +0.001 extra reputation. This in turn will encourage servers to add more evidence to a ban to make the staff's lives easier in a dispute.


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@AVPHX I really love these ideas. We're actually in talks about adding in some sort of "proof verification" system, similar to your "Spot Checks". Definitely be sure to keep on the lookout for the addition of the features you suggested. I believe this would majorly benefit MCBans as a whole.

Thanks for the suggestions!!!