Once a player logs on to a server, and it displays their previous bans, but an owner is curious about it. Why not have server-owners message each other regardless if they are on the receiving end or not. Once a player joins, it will display their ban and the ip of the server, if the owner would like to know what exactly happened, he or she could use /discussion create (question) receiver (server IP) and manage their own server, while discussing what exactly happened at the time of the ban, without having to meet up. Keep in mind, this is only a suggestion, but it kept crossing my mind, so I decided to voice it.


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Bans can be checked with /blup [Ban ID] to see who was banned, why they were banned, when they were banned and who banned them. However if a ban wants to be checked with the person who banned them, that'd be a good idea too but should only be for Global bans. I like it!


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What you've suggested is very interesting however can be easily exploited. The fact that you can essentially send messages to other servers regarding a specific global ban could be used maliciously. For an example; what's stopping anyone from using this tool to send continuous messages to external servers for any given ban? It'll be a nuisance for server owners/staff. I doubt every server own wants to respond either (not everyone plays nicely).

Something that could be more manageable perhaps have it website based? Instead of having this in game have it through This can be implemented within the individual ban pages. We can also manage those who abuse the system and punish accordingly.

Great suggestions, would definitely be interesting to have something similar on board.