Development Temporary Bans Fix and API Improvements


Former MCBans Staff
Good afternoon everyone,

We have several new improvements and bugfixes/hotfixes to announce.
  • Temporary bans are now fixed within the MCBans plugin, thanks to MCBans Founder & Developer @Firestar.
  • MCBans will no longer seem to be down for around 10 minutes at a time due to a database problem, thanks to MCBans Founder & Developer @Firestar.
  • There was an issue with /verify on our MCBans Authentication Server -- a hotfix was issued to fix the problem by MCBans Founder & Developer @Firestar.
  • Proof uploading is officially fixed, thanks to MCBans Owner @Corpdraco.
  • A hotfix has been issued to fix the issue of servers not properly being shown as "online" on the MCBans website, thanks to MCBans Owner @Corpdraco.
  • Our main database and web server have both been tweaked slightly to allow for better performance, thanks to MCBans Owner @Corpdraco and help from MCBans Founder @Firestar.
There are many more changes to come, as we have many on our agenda.
This project would not be possible without the immense dedication of the entire MCBans staff team.

Thank you all and happy mining,