Thank You!

I just want to take a moment to thank the MCBans team, especially Corpdraco, for the amazing work you've all been doing as of late. MCBans hasn't run this smoothly in the entire 5 years that our community has used it.

Thanks for your work to keep things going, it's an extremely valuable service!


Former MCBans Staff
@Beaupedia: I cannot thank you enough for the kind words towards the entirety of the MCBans plugin, our dedicated staff team, and myself.
We are constantly working around the clock to provide an excellent service and it is getting better every single day. New features are being planned, the API is slowly being rewritten, a website speedup (including the API) was performed for better performance across all servers. Hotfixes are being performed daily -- I personally am excited for the future MCBans plugin.

Again, all of us here @ MCBans thank you for your kind words. It means a lot for a long time MCBans server owner to recognize this.

Have a great one!


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Staff member
I can say for a certain that I really appreciate your kind words. Not everyone grasps the concept that we're only volunteers working together to output a very well maintained system which we output a lot of time and effort in maintaining it. So once again thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated that we get this feedback about our service. We do try and put our very best into the project and to see that we're getting a positive reaction from it really means a lot to us (I don't do much however it means a lot to me).

There are many changes in future to be excited about! :)
Too funny! I came here to post a "Thank you" thread and here it is already. I love love love McBans. We have a child-safe, rated G server and without McBans and a chat filter that wouldn't be possible. I've relied on McBans for over 2 years now on multiple servers and appreciate the experience the McBan's team brings to server administration.