Thoughts on Server Ban Appeals

Do you think the appeals forum should be replaced with a form?

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  • No - But it should be made private (so people can only see their own appeals)

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This thread is directly regarding this forum and appealing bans from the MCBan's Official Minecraft server. As for my feedback:

Private Appeals Forum
First off, I personally think the forum should be made private. (IE. players can only see the thread they've made) I find it really unprofessional when I see a bunch of appeals, at the end of the day other players really have no business in viewing others appeals and may lead to bullying/harassment.

Possible Appeals Replacement
Second, I don't really like the idea of having a forum based appeal system. This is because (even with a format) people don't put enough information or put incorrect information leading to delays in processing the appeal which is frustrating for both staff and the player appealing. In my opinion an appeal should be a form players fill out, with fields ensuring all necessary information is present.

Anyways, those are my thoughts regarding ban appeals after reviewing the forum and how it works. I'm always paying attention to feedback, so please feel free to reply below. (I read all the replies)​


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I do agree with your post. I don't personally believe Ban Appeals should be publicly view-able either. But in regards to actually setting up a form, this might be more trouble than it's worth but I know on the communities I work on we keep our Ban Appeals on our Helpdesk which means they're private and users must Copy/Paste a schema and fill it out. Users who do not fill it out correctly are instantly denied.

I will bring this suggestion of yours up to the team.

Thank you,