Unfair Queercraft Bans

Hello, recently me and my friends (interprince and angelsinnerdemon) were banned on the server Queercraft because we were a 'harm to the community'. The way that they came about this is because we had a private discord, and ex staff members were a part of this discord. Because of this we were banned and considered as an 'anti-qc discord' as the owner put it. I don't think that it is fair that me and my friends were banned from the server because of a discord, and because of this we don't have clean records on MCBans anymore.


Customer Service Specialist
Staff member

Unfortunately, the bans issued to you from Queercraft are local bans, as opposed to a global ban which does harm your MCBans reputation. Which means that MCBans staff are unable to take any action on these bans.

You will need to write a Ban Appeal to Queercraft directly from their website; https://www.queercraft.net

Best of luck!