User exception configuration?


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Hi there,

I've been using MCBans for over a year and a half and since some people have asked me about this, I thought I'd make a small suggestion for the plugin.

Is it possible for a server that runs MCBans to have a "User exception" config which allows certain users with rep below the server's threshold can join that specific server? Take for example a user who's been on a server that has a 9 rep threshold and has had 10 rep for a long time. Then when they get globally banned, their rep drops to 7. But whilst that user is waiting for their ban to be disputed/appealed, they can still join the server with permission from the owner. The same with alts (in a separate option) since there was a bug a colleague encountered, which made them look like they had 4000 alts (however as far as I know, the issue's been fixed).

As a short summary, I'm simply suggesting a config which allows certain users to bypass the server threshold. I wouldn't recommend an IG command for it however.

Thought I'd recommend that :) opinions? Thanks for reading.~


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A very interesting idea however not very practical. The threshold itself is set as a cut off point and as much as I find this interesting it won't work ideally. Not everyone disputes their bans either which will make the concept sorta useless. Server owners can restrict almost anyone from joining their server, the threshold is a way for the server owners to maintain that boundary. There's always a chance that server owners can make exceptions if you consult with them outlining the scenario, but don't expect that to happen everywhere however.

I apologize if I come off as a tad harsh as it was not my intention to do so.

Thank you for this suggestion! Have a great day.


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Ehm, not to put you on the spot LilWesty, but this feature actually does already exist, haha, and can be quite useful.

In your server settings you'll find a "player exceptions list." Adding a username to that list will allow the player to bypass rep threshold. ;)