ban appeal

  1. B

    my PC HIJACK help ME! staff

    I am being BAN somehow. I was banned on a server called JACKPVP but I put it there I was hijacked a PC in the past and there was a possibility that cheat was used on my PC at that time At that time I was too busy with work I did not touch the PC I recently checked from the server that I am about...
  2. Wolfinte Ban Appeal

    Hello there, It has come to my attention that earlier today my Minecraft account had been hacked into by an unknown party and had banned several accounts from my server using my account. The individual used grossly offensive and obscene ban reasons in order to sabotage my player base and...
  3. K

    CedarCraft Ban Appeal:

    As of Thursday, March 8th I got banned off of the Cedar Craft servers. I was banned for grieving and stealing from a guild even though, Miss_destiny said my friend EternalBow was welcome to anything, so naturally we took what we found interesting and of use out of the PUBLIC chests. As for the...
  4. L

    Ban appeal

    So apparently the server I've never been on (I believe) I am banned from for (Theft). And i don't personally know anything about theft, the one i got banned by was "Michellesophie". Or if you could kinda evaluate what reasons etc.