Global Ban Rules

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  • Valid Global Ban Reasons
    Valid reasons for global bans:
    • Griefing (Theft is included here. Please be sure to have screenshot proof). Please note that this can include edits and additions (not only block destructions), if done in a malicious manner to another player's build. For guidelines regarding the minimum number of block edits required in order for a griefing ban to be valid for the global list, see blue note #1 at the bottom of this section.
    • Causing server downtime by DoS or any other malicious method (Please note that proof must be very thorough for bans of this type).
    • Spambot ("Spamming/Spam/Spamming Chat" are not allowed, it must actually be automated)
    • Client-side modifications (Please be specific with your reason - "Hacking" is not enough information - Please see the "hacking bans guidelines" at the bottom of this section).
    • X-Ray related modifications (This includes x-ray texture packs)
    • Racism - follow the following process:
      • 1) Is it aimed at a player or a demographic in a way which is clearly abusive?
        • Yes, go to 2
        • No, LOCAL ONLY
      • 2) Is it in public chat or a private message?
        • Public, CAN GLOBAL
        • Private, go to 3
      • 3) Is there a complaint from the player in question?
        • Yes, CAN GLOBAL
        • No, LOCAL ONLY
    • Homophobia - follow the following process:
      • 1) Is it aimed at a player or demographic in a way which is clearly abusive?
        • Yes, go to 2
        • No, LOCAL ONLY
      • 2) Is it in public chat or a private message?
        • Public, CAN GLOBAL
        • Private, go to 3
      • 3) Is there a complaint from the player in question?
        • Yes, CAN GLOBAL
        • No, LOCAL ONLY
    • Posting direct links to pornographic material or "shock" websites
    • Nazi symbols. Please note: In order to be valid for a global ban, such symbols must be placed with the intent to harass or vandalize, not by mistake or for a legitimate historical purpose. In cases where the intent is ambiguous, MCBans staff will issue a “soft local,” meaning that the ban is localized without penalty to the server.
    • Honeypots (Server must comply with Honeypot guidelines)

    Note #1: For griefing bans on creative servers, the player must have broken at least 5 blocks in a malicious manner in order for the ban to be valid for global. On survival servers, a ban involving more than 3 malicious block breaks is valid for global. Global bans on survival servers involving fewer than 3 block breaks may be localized in disputes (without penalty to the server) at the discretion of MCBans Dispute Team Staff.

    Note #2: Concerning client side modifications: simply using a modified/hacked client is not valid for a global ban. Please be sure to get proof of the player using the malicious hacks on your server. Please specify in your reason which type of hacking it is. Example: Flymod
    Please also note that book op hacks, though they may be harmful to servers, are not valid for global bans, because proper proof for such bans cannot be attained.

    Note #3: Bans involving a chat-related offense in which wording and comprehension are important (such as bans for racism or homophobia), the provided screenshot proof must be in English, as disputes are conducted in English and we cannot guarantee the presence of a translator. If no English proof can be provided, the ban must be local.

    Guidelines for Global Hacking Bans (as of 4/7/2017)

    Not every type of hack is valid for a global ban, and hacking bans must have thorough proof. "Hacking" on its own is not a valid global ban reason; the type of hack must be included in the ban reason, and it must be a hack that gives a player an unfair gameplay advantage over other players.

    Proof for hacking bans (with the exception of X-ray, which has its own set of guidelines) must include a video of the offense taking place. Videos can be submitted in the form of a youtube link, and the requirements for the video are as follows:
    • Must include the player's username
    • Must include proof that MCBans is running on the server (use command "/mcbans" on screen).
    • If the video is longer than 3 minutes, staff must provide timestamps as to when the offense takes place, either in the video's title, or in a reply, if prompted by a dispute.
    • Must include violation levels for the given offense from a cheat-detection plugin (with the exception of X-ray)
    If the server is unable to provide the required proof, the ban must be local rather than global. In cases in which the proof is ambiguous, MCBans staff will issue a soft local rather than siding purely with the server or the player, meaning that the ban will be localized, but at no penalty to the server. Entirely invalid proof, as always, will result in a loss of rep for the server.

    These hacking rules are valid as of 4/7/2017. Bans issued prior to that date are still subject to the previous hacking rules (screenshot of a violation level of 600+, with soft locals issued at MCBans staff discretion).

    X-ray Proof Guidelines

    For X-ray bans, video proof is suggested, but we will also accept very thorough screenshots. Proper X-ray proof should include visuals of the tunnels dug by the offender, logs of the blocks broken at the end of said tunnels. Broken block ratios are also helpful.

    Hacking bans that are NOT valid for global include:
    • Derphack (is not malicious toward the server)
    • Forceop (No validly provable forceop hack exists)
    • Book hacks (cannot be proven to the necessary degree for a global ban).

    Invalid Global Ban Reasons
    These ban reasons are NOT valid for the global ban list, and will be reported and localized. Invalid reasons for global bans are, but not limited to:

    • Harassment of server players or staff
    • Spamming
    • Too many alternate accounts
    • Ban reasons containing any foul language or name-calling
    • Griefing teams
    • Impersonation of MCBans staff
    • Impersonation of Planet Minecraft staff, or similar
    • Advertising or threats
    • Any builds containing male or female genitalia

    Operating your server in Online Mode

    It is important that your server remains in online mode while running the MCBans plugin for various reasons. These reasons include the inability to verify players against the Minecraft servers. This can have drastic undesired effects.

    The MCBans Administration NEVER allow servers to run in offline mode. Servers found to be running in offline mode will be immediately removed from the system without notice by MCBans Staff or prior warning to the server's administration team. This means that your server will be locked out from using the MCBans service indefinitely.
    Proof Policy
    When making a global ban, please be sure to retain screenshot or log proof for the ban. If a dispute is escalated to MCBans staff, we can and will ask the server for proof. It is very important to provide proof as promptly as possible as to not slow down the dispute process and to prevent your server from losing reputation. Proof must be shown in disputes even if the player admits to doing it.

    Proof should contain screenshots from a block-logging program such as LogBlock, and should never be based on speculation alone.

    Servers should be sure to keep their proof for, at minimum, 90 days, as there is a 90-day window during which a player can dispute a global ban.

    Hamachi Server Policy
    Effective January 25th, 2012, Hamachi servers are not allowed to be created on the MCBans system. Any server found to be a Hamachi server will be removed and the offending server owner will be cautioned by MCBans staff. Repeat offenses such as recreating the server in the system may result in the inability to access the MCBans service or servers. Home-hosted servers ARE allowed, however must not be running Hamachi or by any other related VPN service.

    Improper Bans Policy
    As stated as an invalid global ban above, improper ban reasons will be investigated by MCBans staff and then localized. The offending server WILL lose reputation. Any form of foul language, harassment, or name-calling in a ban reason will result in the ban being reverted to local. For example: "needs to get a life" or "because I said so" will be localized on sight. Globally banning players that have never connected to your server will result in the ban being changed to local and the banning server being penalized or removed from the system. Ban retaliation such as "They banned us from their server!" is not a valid excuse.

    Additional Important Information
    Failure to abide by the above rules may result in your server being disabled from using the MCBans service, and your IP address being nullified. When a server is disabled, the system will automatically mark all bans on the server as void. A backup of your bans is accessible at all times in your banned-players.txt on your server. When issuing bans, please only use the English language as our staff team is only available in English. Any bans in a different language other than English will be localized unless MCBans staff decide to take the time to join the server under their own discretion.

    Please also note that social engineering is NOT a type of hacking. If a player claims to be from Planet Minecraft or related service, they are most likely wanting easier griefing or planning malicious intent. It is recommended that you locally ban these types of users immediately.

    Any user claiming to be a MCBans staff member will need to be reported to a member of staff via support ticket @
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