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Mar 19, 2017
MCBans Wiki
  • MCBans is a banning solution for Minecraft provided through the Bukkit plugin. The aim of MCBans is to assist owners in the prevention of griefers on their own and others' servers using global bans. MCBans also offers local bans, which are a private bans on a player specific to one server, and are not shared.

    Please remember the following things while using our plugin!

    • MCBans is maintained constantly by a team of staff, but we're not miracle workers! Like everyone, we need time to perform our tasks and can't do everything on demand.
    • MCBans isn't always 100% clear from invalid bans - but, we're well on our way. Your help is always thanked in removing invalid bans and we try our hardest to monitor everything.
    • MCBans has a small dedicated development team - We do only have a few dedicated developers, but they do have other commitments as well.
    • MCBans staff don't always have good memories!

    If you get stuck and need help, we are always available on our forums. Just head over to